Our Clients

The following represent some of our SaaS clients and their industry sectors.

Who Do You Work With?


We work primarily with clients in Europe and the US, ranging from pre Series A to Series C. The following give a flavour of some of B2B SaaS clients we have helped in recent years.

Examples of Clients We Help (B2B SaaS)

Akkroo (UK) - Event Lead Capture - SaaS - Series A -  £1.75M (2018)

Clear Review (UK) - Continuous Performance Management - SaaS - Seed- £500k (2018)

NorthRow (UK) - AML and KYC, Identity Verification- SaaS - Series A - £3.5M (2017)

Sheer ID (US) - Eligibility Verification Services - Series B - $18M (2018)

Socrata (US) - Government Digital Transformation - DAAS - Series C $30M (2014)

Sonovate (UK) - Contract Finance and Back Office for Recruiters - Series B £9M (2016)

XPenditure (BE) - Business Expense Management Software - SaaS - Series A $5.7M (2015)