B2B Marketing

B2B marketing consists of a number of techniques designed to create awareness amongst your target market that you have a solution that may meet their needs.  

How Can An External B2B Marketing Consultant Help Your Business?

The following represent some of the key tasks that we can support you with.

Alternatively if you want to learn more about B2B marketing download The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing represents a key element of any B2B marketing strategy. This is due to a number of factors. Chief amongst them is that an increasing number of prospects prefer to research for solutions themselves. Ensuring you are visible and easy to find for your key prospects is a function of a number of things including unique content demonstrating your expertise in a particular domain.

Customer Acquisition 

Acquiring customers is the lifeblood of every business, with customer retention being of paramount importance also (particularly in SaaS businesses). Are you optimising your customer acquisition funnel? Why not let us undertake an audit and help surface areas for further development.

Email Marketing 

If you run a B2B business your CRM (and email list) represents a key asset for your business. Optimising your email activity helps ensure you stay ‘front of mind’ while also helping to nurture existing relationships. The sales cycle for many B2B decisions is months not days, and ensuring you build a CRM which you then leverage will be critical for your growth.

Growth Hacking 

The phrase ‘growth hacking’ is a relatively modern one, and represents a suite of strategies designed to accelerate growth. Techniques will vary depending on the business type, and the efficacy of different hacks will also vary greatly. Why not let us see what growth hacks we can introduce to drive growth at your business?

Landing Page Optimisation 

The easiest way for a startup to gain new customers is primarily via paid channels. Buying traffic by creating adverts for search terms relevant to your business should enable you to generate some relevant leads. Where you direct these leads is often neglected with many businesses simply directing traffic to your homepage. Why not learn how to setup campaigns using UTM codes and bespoke landing pages from the likes of Unbounce?

Lead Generation 

Generating pre qualified leads for sales represents an important element for companies who rely on a field sales team to close prospects. A holistic approach is needed where product, sales and marketing work in tandem. While initial outbound activities may not be scaleable, they can support some early wins and are thus strategically important. Let us ensure your lead generation process has been optimised.

Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Google Adwords probably represents the biggest marketing break through in recent years. Empowering companies to target leads based on search intent enables marketeers ensure that those prospects have an interest in the wider solution set you offer. PPC will often represent the highest spend area for tech companies.

Silver Bullets

Unfortunately we do not offer silver bullets. Marketing represents one important element, however, the efficacy of the solution in terms of its ability to meet real needs is another. There are no short cuts – solid B2B marketing is an ongoing effort that will reap rewards once set up correctly, and applied consistently.

Social Media 

Depending on the context of your business social media can play an important role. We can help ensure you are optimising your strategy by aligning your marketing strategy with the ideal mix of social media platforms.


Search engine optimisation has had a mixed press over the years, due in part by the exponential growth in the number of businesses offering to guarantee you appear on page 1 of Google for your chosen search terms. We make no such promises, instead offering insights into simple approaches that will ensure you are au fait with the latest techniques needed to help get your business found.