Alan Gleeson

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Alan Gleeson is a SaaS marketing consultant with a particular interest in supporting tech startups to generate leads and to grow their businesses.

Alan started his career in financial services, joining Barclays on their graduate programme. On completion he spent some time at Freeserve, then one of the poster boys for the ‘dot com’ boom. He then joined Palo Alto Software, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company where he acted as the Managing Director for the European subsidiary.

In recent years Alan has worked for a number of SaaS companies, in a mix of full time and consultancy engagements.

Alan is based in London, is a patron member of the Irish International Business Network, and coaches at Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club in his spare time.

He also has an MBA from University of Oxford, and an MSc from University College Cork, Ireland.

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“Alan’s experience and industry knowledge allowed us to completely transform the public face of the company, and he has driven continuous improvements since.” 
— Eoin

“He’s a talented guy who had excellent insights into how to market our products better. Some fantastic stuff came out of it. He also has an unbelievable work rate. I don’t know how he fits it all in. Best of all, he is exceptionally easy to work with and has an excellent sense of humour !”
— Dave

“Alan is a consummate professional with a keen intellect and a deep understanding of best practice techniques in Digital Marketing for software businesses. As an expert in marketing and SaaS he has a strong appreciation of the nuances and challenges in successful branding, social media, sponsored search. He is particularly adept at choosing the most appropriate strategy for the particular application.
— Alan (Another one)

“Alan is a people person and great communicator inside and outside an organisation. He thinks strategically and decisions are based on solid research and analytical understanding of the issue at hand. He applies high quality standards to all the work he is involved in – this especially shines through in his strong client and user focus. Alan is great to collaborate with as he has a committed, focused and pragmatic approach to delivering successful results.”
— John-Paul

“Alan’s strategic understanding of entrepreneurship, the startup environment, and best practices for growing, established companies is top notch. In our collaboration, I have found him to be consistently incisive, clever, and fair minded.”
— Josh

“Alan is a fantastic team player, always with a positive mindset which rubs off on those around him. He is an incredible ‘doer’ – usually the job is done before the rest of us can even get our heads around it! He always approaches any issue with a ‘how can we resolve this’ as opposed to focusing on the issue itself.”
— Sinead