Content Marketing

We have extensive experience in content production and amplification (getting the word out). If you want an overview as to what constitutes best practise feel free to download The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing

How Can I Make Content Marketing Work for Me?

The range of activities we support can include the following:

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a key element of any inbound marketing campaign. Producing high quality content on a regular basis is crucial. However, this represents a mere starting point as it is important to push the content out through appropriate channels.

The following are some examples of some of content pieces that have generated significant amounts of traffic.

How Digital Helped Transform Ryanair’s Fortunes







In summary, like everything the 'devil is in the detail'. It is easy to outsource content production to the lowest bidder. Doing this ensures you are only contributing to the noise.

Want to stand out?

If you want to stand out you need to make a more strategic approach, ensuring that all elements of your content marketing strategy work well together and are set up to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Thought Leadership

‘Thought leadership’ relates to the production of content by an industry expert that aims to educate and inform the reader. It often relates to commentary about the direction a particular industry is going. While many will proclaim to be thought leaders, the reality is some what different. True ‘thought leaders’ are rare. If you have an influential colleague, with significant experience and a willingness to share strong views on the direction your industry is headed we can ensure related campaigns are optimised. We don’t promise to create thought leaders. Instead we focus on supporting the creation of compelling content that helps get you and your brand noticed.

Why Expense Management is Set to Take Off ?

White Papers

The production of white papers is particularly important for companies looking to build a mailing list of prospects. Most white papers are hidden behind forms so are only accessible once a prospect has provided their basic details (e.g. name, email, phone). These details can then be used by sales teams to engage with. An optimal campaign will use UTM tracking and direct traffic to a bespoke landing page e.g. Unbounce. We look to ensure that your White papers are compelling enough for people to download, and that their is transparency as to how they perform as a lead generation activity.

The Definitive Guide to Expense Management


Localisation of US Content

For companies looking to set up a European presence, localised content is likely to be a requirement. Again it is more than just merely replacing the letter z with an s, or updating URL's and address details. In many instances, the requirements include everything from; appropriate image selection, through to the sourcing of local case studies through to ensuring that the same key messages resonate with the target market. We have extensive experience supporting US companies looking to make their move to Europe.

Case Study: Bath Hacked: Truly Putting Open Data in the Community’s Hands

Guest Blogs

Guest blogs represent an important element of any marketing strategy as they help bring your message to a wider audience (as well as help you gain an inbound link which helps with your SEO efforts). However, given the significant numbers of companies producing content, the barrier has been raised on many sites in terms of the willingness to accept third part blogs. At Work With Agility we have a long history of publishing guest blogs on a range of sites including:

SmallBusinessCan (Ireland) (U.K.)

Digital Doughnut (U.K.)

Get App (USA)

Get in touch today to learn how we can support your guest blog efforts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a powerful means to engage with prospects. However, as we all battle against overflowing inboxes it is important to ensure that subscribers actually open the email in the first place. Creating track-able email campaigns leveraging tools like Mailchimp helps keep your business front of mind. Producing high quality content that adds value to your audience is the best way to maintain the connection, ensuring that when a purchase decision is being made that your brand is amongst the considered set of solutions.

Landing Page Optimisation

Creating unique landing pages targeting different buyer personas, as well as different keyword groups is also an important part of any paid marketing campaign e.g. Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In a B2B marketing context prospects want to research solutions themselves and ensuring you produce high quality content related to their needs helps create brand awareness and fledgling relationships that can be nurtured over time. We can support these efforts ensuring that your campaigns are delivering quality leads for your sales team to engage with.

Marketing Collateral e.g. Case Studies, One Pages, PDF’s

Depending on the context you may require marketing collateral for exhibitions, events or for field sales colleagues. These can range from standard About Us flyers through to sales brochures. We have experience in the end to end production from content creation, to design and ultimately production.

Keelvar – Sourcing Optimization


Amplification Strategies

Once you have created your content it is important to promote it as widely as you can, ensuring that your key target market gets to consume it. Promotion strategies will vary depending upon the context but will typically consist of a mix of paid and organic strategies. The content journey starts with the creation of remarkable content – what you do afterwards will help determine how successful that piece will be.