B2B SaaS Internationalization: Ten Top Tips to Prepare Yourself for US Market Entry

For SaaS companies based in Europe, selling into the US represents a significant milestone. The US represents the biggest market for SaaS applications and early entry is advisable (not least to prevent domestic US competitors from gaining a foothold). Many SaaS markets have “winner takes all” characteristics so ensuring you are targeting the US early needs to be a key consideration.

Generate More B2B SaaS Sales

In the early stages of most SaaS startups life, it is often the CEO or Founder who acts as the initial Head of Sales. While this makes sense given the likely resource constraints, and the value to be gained in getting in front of customers from Day 1, a lack of formal sales training and an absence of a sales process can seriously undermine the initial sales efforts. In this short post, I outline how these SaaS founders need to modify their approach and to implement a simple sales methodology to increase their odds of success.