SaaS Marketing Consultant

I started my career in software back around 2004 when floppy disks were very much in vogue and 56k dial up was the norm. I even owned an Archos Jukebox which predated the iPod. When I sold software, it was often via retail. A physical box was purchased from a store, a disk installed and an application was loaded to the hard drive. Release cycles were measured in years rather than days. Very different times.

Around this time I worked at Freeserve. We were the ‘poster boys’ of this new emerging Internet phenomenon here in the UK. I was responsible for the business channel on the Freeserve portal - this was how you accessed the web back then.

I also began to look down the road a little and began to see what was happening in the US. As Internet speeds improved software developers could at last look to sell direct, dis-intermediating the retailers and distributors that added friction to the sales process.

Why is all of this relevant?

I guess in part, to give some shape to my background in SaaS. Back then it was initially known as Application Service Provision (ASP) until it morphed into SaaS. I have found the area fascinating ever since and hence my interest in the field.

Over the years I have worked with boot strapped companies through to those at a Series C level, with US companies looking to make a successful market entry into the EU, with UK companies looking to break into the US, and with Irish companies looking to break into both the UK and US.

I also have lightly greying hair, in stark contrast to the numerous millennials occupying roles in the companies I work with. In short, I can bring an alternative perspective, shaped by a set of experiences forged both here and in the US over the passed 15 or so years. Curious? Get in touch to learn more.