Visual Design

We are passionate about design, and the importance of creating a strong first impression. Some of our clients benefit from a complete visual identity refresh. However, it is much more than just changing the logo. It entails everything from typeface, to the imagery selected, to the messaging used.

Design also encompasses everything from User Interface (UI) to User Experience (UX) and while many companies are reluctant to invest in their identity initially, once the company gains traction the roll out of a strong identity gives confidence to those who engage with the brand.

Akkroo New.png

At Work With Agility we partner with a leading visual identity company, and we have delivered a number of successful identity refreshes, which have delivered significant uplift for our clients.

While tempted to illustrate with some before and after shots, we’ll spare our clients blushes. However, if this is something you’d like to discuss we'd be very happy to do so.