10 Tips to Reduce Your SaaS Startup’s Churn

Reducing Churn

For most SaaS startups, churn is one of the key metrics used to assess the health of the business. At it’s most base level, churn represents the reduction in numbers (and/ or revenue) from customers cancelling their subscriptions. In practise however, churn is more complex, particularly for startups new to SaaS, who lack historical data, and are in many instances still striving to achieve product/ market fit.

The Benefits of Agile Working

One only need to take a walk around We Work Moorgate or The Office Group in Riding House Street in London to get a glimpse into the world of modern business. These buildings house hundreds of businesses operating in co-working facilities (The Times recently claimed there were over 800 of these co-working offices in London alone). For many of these tenants, their ‘offices’ simply consist of a smart phone, laptop (typically a MacBook Pro) and a headset. And their ‘window on their world’ is usually via an internet connection and a small collection of familiar desktop icons e.g. Spotify, Dropbox, Firefox and Skype.